#WeighThis: Challenging the way women weigh themselves.

After 5 years of declining sales, Lean Cuisine needed a change. #WeighThis transformed their image from an 80's "diet" brand into a modern, health food brand designed to help women focus on the things that really matter. We worked with Director Nanette Burstein and asked women to weigh themselves on their accomplishments.

The film was seen over 6 million times in the first week. What began as a one-time pivot became a campaign so successful that Lean Cuisine not only turned their sales around, they actually ran out of product. #WeighThis reached over 270mm people, drove a 428% increase in brand conversation and a 33% increase in brand perception.

The reaction to the #WeighThis film was overwhelming. Artist Annica Lydenberg painted women's responses from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a series of influencer posts on scales and we put them on display at Grand Central Station. Film by Jay Buim.

For the final act of the campaign, we gave women the power to change the "diet" conversations in their lives with the #WeighThis Diet Filter. The Google Chrome version filtered the word "diet" wherever it appeared, while a small batch of prototype television filters literally muted the word "diet" whenever it appeared on television. Through our social campaign and influencer program, We helped women change the diet conversation for good, filtering the word "diet" over 3mm times and putting it towards a donation to Girls Leadership.

The #WeighThis Diet Filter was promoted through a series of bloggers, including this deeply personal story by YouTube fitness personality Cassey Ho.

The campaign was supported by a fully redesigned responsive web site and social assets that focused on the real ingredients that made up the new clean-label menu items.


“Frozen-food company treats “diet” as a four-letter word.” – Wall Street Journal

“'Massive Pivot’ away from diet marketing.” – Ad Age

“what if instead of your weight, we weighed your kindness? How good an employee you are? How well you can do your daughter’s hair, your girlfriend’s makeup or how fast you can run a mile? What if we added up your laughter? What if we tallied your passion for your family? What if you put all of your intelligence on a scale?” – Rachel Hollis

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Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex ShulhaferMegan SkellyPierre Lipton. ACD/Design Director: Kat Choi. Art Directors: Melissa Stammer, Jenna Zink. Copywriters: Amy Werblin, Grace Harris. Creative Technologists: Layne Harris, Fitz Maro, Wesley Donaldson. TV Filter Hardware & Software: AXIOS NYC