For Miracle-Gro, the first day of spring is the most important day of the year. It’s the day when people traditionally get out to the garden and plant their summer seedlings. 2015 was a particularly brutal winter, and yet the first day of spring fell on a Friday when growers are stuck at work.

Miracle-Gro created #Springmoji, the world’s first crowd-sourced Emoji garden and invited growers everywhere to plant something for the first day of spring by tweeting one of 12 plant-based Emoji with the hashtag #Springmoji. As Emoji were tweeted, we tracked them in real-time using  and planted them in our garden at

From sunrise on the East Coast to sunset on the West, we planted 143,596 Springmoji. The campaign earned 1.1 million impressions and was covered by 14 media outlets, including Campaign US and Co.Create.

Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex ShulhaferMegan SkellyPierre Lipton. Copywriters: Anna Wehr, Amy Werblin. Art Director: Gustavo Sato. Creative Technologist: Layne Harris. Developers: mrothJavan Joel. Producers: Patrick SoriaRuben Emmanuel.