I'm always down for looking like a creep. Movember lets you look like a creep for a good cause. But the fundraising proposition of telling people to donate because I'm wearing a mustache chafed a bit. So for Movember 2012, I went a step farther than harass my friends, family and co-workers for money. I gave them a chance to dictate what kind of mustache I'd wear. I called it Mobremmber.com, it was simple:

1. Every dollar donated was a raffle ticket. (We raised over $1000.)
2. Friends downloaded a face template and designed the worst mustache they could imagine.
3. When they're done, they snap a photo with their smartphone and upload it to a Flickr gallery.

To reveal the winner, I documented the shave thanks to the good people at Hawleywoods Barber Shop in downtown Huntington Beach and my friend Ben Yater.