It’s Different On The Mountain: Celebrating innovation in action sports.

This was the launch spot for the Mountain Dew campaign "It's Different On The Mountain" featuring the pioneers of Tarp Surfing along with pro skaters doing their thing at the 605 Bank in Norwalk, CA. Directed by Benzo Theodore with Lance Accord behind the camera. Music by Theophilus London.

We followed up with another innovation on an action sports with Cooling off, featuring a mix of amateur cyclists that jump into lakes in the summer with professional BMX athletes. Directed by Sam Bayer, music by The Kool Kids. (If you can spot the RAD reference, we should go ass sliding.)

Teaser for Cooling Off.

Behind the scenes video for Cooling Off.

Mountain Dew radio.

I'm bad at BMX.

Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, John Cornette, Alex Shulhafer, Don Schneider, Ronald Ng. Radio Engineer: Frank Verderosa.