Icelanders love their Christmas traditions. They hand-carve and fry a delicious flatbread called Laufabrauð, mix malt and orange soda for a strangely compelling treat and tell stories about thirteen mischievous santas called the Yule Lads, their demonic, child-eating mother Gryla and her cat who also eats children, but only if they don't get new clothes. One of their contemporary institutions is the annual Icelandair Christmas commercial. The emotional stories often revolve around bringing someone home for the holidays, or surprising a loved one abroad with friends and family.

This year, rather than create another fictional story for people to watch, we decided to do it for real. Jól Að Heiman (Christmas From Home) was a platform that helped thousands of Icelanders send some Icelandic Christmas cheer to their loved ones abroad.

Icelanders sent thousands of Christmas cards to their loved ones abroad through a Facebook-powered application. We picked 13 of the most interesting cards and surprised the recipients with Icelandair care packages filled with Traditional Icelandic food and music as well as personal items from the sender. (We picked thirteen to match the thirteen Yule Lads that come every night in the countdown to Christmas).

jolaheiman results.jpg

We launched the campaign with a film capturing a mother surprising her daughter and her young family that couldn't make it home for Christmas with the most Icelandic Christmas she's ever had, including a traditional Christmas meal prepared by a famous Icelandic Chef and traditional Icelandic Christmas music from an Icelandic Choir. 

Creative Director: Daniel Bremmer. Creatives: Snorri Eldjarn, Aron Bergman Magnússon, Egill Þórðarson. Digital Strategist: Magnús Magnusson. Director: Allan Sigurðsson.