When you're the smallest nation to ever compete on the world's biggest stage, how do you support your team on their first ever trip to the World Cup? You invite the whole world to join your team, no matter who they are, where they live, or what they believe in. In a world scarred by Brexit, ISIS and Trump, we launched with an official invitation from the humble and friendly President and First Lady of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Eliza Reid.

(show jersey creation, 66° North Jersey)

When someone joined #TeamIceland at teamiceland.com, they got a jersey with their Icelandic last name and their official #TeamIceland number. They could share their jersey on their social feeds or order a custom jersey from #TeamIceland partner with 66° North.

(show bang the drum film)

As the nation got ready for the World Cup, we released a social video featuring Icelanders of all stripes getting ready for the game, starring Icelandic comedians Steindi Jr and Anna Svava.

(show callout films)

We supported this film with a series of call-out films in key markets where they didn't have a team in the World Cup.

(show Argentina film)

And just before Iceland played their first-ever match against Argentina, we released a film showing Steindi teaching Argentinians everywhere to cheer for #TeamIceland, albeit under slightly dubious circumstances.

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Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, George Bryant. Creatives: Jonathan Grant, Edda Kentish, Egill Þórðarson, Magnus Magnusson, Einar Guðmundsson. Director: Allan Sigurðsson. Performer: Steindi Jr, Anna Svava